Let me tell you a little about me before I tell you about this page.

I have always enjoyed working in the Healthcare field. I have had an administrative role for the past ten years, mostly in long-term care. I earned my BS in Health Sciences in 2016, during that time (as you can see from my older posts I began focusing on wellness)

I have a strong thirst for knowledge and actually enjoy immersing myself in a subject or subjects and learning as much as I can about that, so now, I am working on my MS in Public Health.

What I hope you’ll get out of this page:

  • Information you didn’t know
  • Enjoyment from reading my posts

This page is about fact checking (i.e. snopes) researching information and information sharing for our overall health and wellness as a human population. I will also share parts of my research papers that I am writing for class and of course my opinions as well.