Survey Says

I just read an interesting article  regarding a survey of how MS patients warrior’s perceive diet, exercise and drug treatments. It shows weight training as the least cited exercise routine among MSers.

Exercise routine

At first I was really surprised by this statistic until I got to thinking about it a little more. Everyone’s MS is different and everyone has different abilities, yet I wonder how many think that it is impossible. I just KNOW there is a way to modify and substitute exercises to meet the abilities of each individual.

As the article states there are multiple benefits to weight training. Maintaining muscle tone will help reduce weakness, improve strength, decrease fatigue and depression.

A strong body is a strong mind.

I hope that bottom bar on that graph grows and I look forward to having a part in helping others find their abilities.

3 thoughts on “Survey Says”

  1. Weight training definitely helps for me. Im not actually diagnosed with MS but Lhermitte’s Sign, and also display a couple of MS symptoms too. Cardio (which i hate anyway) always leaves my body feeling heavy and pins and needles appear for anything up to a few days after. Great blog – especially an earlier post about adapting exercises. I too can’t lunge due to my balance! Cheers!

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    1. Thank you! Interesting that you don’t have the diagnosis? Are they just unable/unwilling to give that diagnosis? My feet always get pins and needles after running, its so awkward!


      1. The MRI scan only shows one lesion on my spine- so to dumb it down for me the neurologist said I have singular Sclerosis but it could develop into more. That was 6 years ago and still having MRIs every year… And a Lumbar Puncture last year the side effects of which were horrendous! Ah see that after running is proof cardio is bad for you 😉


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