MS Awareness Week

March is MS Awareness Month – and this week is MS Awareness Week, still not sure why or how there is a month and a week and then there is a World MS Day, which is later in May, regardless we have a lot of days to spread awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.

Does it matter? Does it make a difference? If more people are aware, will more people donate to support research, to support finding the cure? Scientists don’t even know what causes it yet, how can you cure something that you don’t know the cause of?


I love these images supporting the cure and awareness, I do. I love making people aware of the cause, I have hope and strength and courage; however, I don’t think a cure is realistic – in all honesty. This isn’t meant to be negative, just a realistic assumption on my part.

Think of the serious dent in the pharmaceutical companies pockets if we were all cured and no longer needed these disease modifying drugs, that cost thousands of dollars a month. Yes thousands.

So here is my message for awareness for this week. Living with Multiple Sclerosis and treating it, is expensive! I am so thankful for insurance because without, it would cost me over $5,000.00 a month to take Copaxone. Does it work? I don’t know. I haven’t had any major flare ups in the past two years, just some minor, I have an MRI scheduled next month and we’ll see what the outcome is then.

I’m not going to hold out for a cure, I don’t think there will be one in my lifetime. I am going to learn to adapt and live my best life possible.

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