Sunday, a day for rest…

Well, in theory anyway. I do take the day off from the gym on most Sunday’s; however, I am not all that capable of actually resting. Sunday is household project day and meal prep day.

This is what Sunday looks like at my house, sweatshirt, jeans, slippers and me standing by the stove making my lunches for the week.


The best way for me to stick to a healthy diet during the work week is to plan ahead and make all of my lunches on Sunday. I am OK with eating the same thing every day for lunch so it works out well for me. Usually I have a protein and veggies and a complex carbohydrate, like sweet potatoes or whole grain brown rice. In addition to making lunch for the week I also boil a dozen eggs and eat two for breakfast with some veggies during the week.

Taking a part of you day of relaxation to plan for the week ahead is a good strategy to stay on track.

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